Resist the New World Order

Diamond Edge Art

3 Jul 2015

Charles Rennie McIntosh, House for an Art Lover

 So come Chaos, we invoke thee
Eros, Thanatos, come, approach us
Come Sex and Death
Beautiful and Terrible
Our breathing quickens
As two figures approach
Exquisite lover, grinning corpse
Our breathing quickens
As we clasp our lovers
Our breathing quickens
At the rising scythe
Our breathing quickens
Moans escape our throats
A cry begins to well up in us
As the scythe is readied
And passion peaks
Three, Two, One.
Ia! Ia! Hastur! Ugh!
Ia Hastur cf’ ayak ‘vulgtmm
vugtlagln vulgtmm!
Ai! Shub-Niggurath!
cf’ tagn!
Ia! Ia! Hastur!

Refute and Reject the Satanic New World Order

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