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4 Apr 2018

The Masonic Luciferian Religion

For the reader who is acquainted with Bible Prophecy, there is a sudden revelation. 
If THE PROTOCOLS OF ZION are the product of an Illuminist secret society, 
all of history from Nimrod has suddenly been tied together. 

Here is the summary:
  1. Nimrod sought to restore the pre-flood system by a world government, led by a priest-king, empowered directly by Lucifer.

  2. When God spoiled Nimrod’s plan, Lucifer’s strategy was to set up a system of false religions which would hold in store these powerful Ancient Mysteries until the time that he (Lucifer) could succeed in establishing such a kingdom.

  3. These Mysteries have been guarded since that time by a select elite group. There have been periods of history that have publicly accepted the darker (occult) side of the mysteries and periods when the occult has been suppressed.

  4. The Bible records that a future world kingdom will arise led by the Beast (Antichrist), who will declare himself God. This world kingdom will be accompanied by a one-world church until such time it is no more useful to the Beast. The Beast will also declare himself to be the Messiah of the Jews and rightful heir to the throne of David.

  5. It is very possible the three who stand to sponsor the king will be the three "kingdoms" subdued by the Beast as prophesied in Dan. 7:24.

  6. The Beast will reveal the secrets of the Ancient Mysteries, which have been so faithfully guarded by his servants for millennia as proof of his position to fully establish his kingdom.


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