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19 Dec 2016

Styxhexenhammer666 - Satanist and Liar

This is the guy who spread lies about my Christian webpages by using NONSENSICAL FILTH. He went as far as to CONSTRUCT A FAKE WEBPAGE containing ludicrous stories concerning MY PERSONA (he doesn't even know me) and ARTICLES I POSTED (ALL of which are from mainstream and alternative media sources). Check my websites out for yourself to see who is the real TRUTHSEEKER. Put simply this FANTASIST is a LIAR and a CHRISTIAN HATER. I was also informed he bought most of his YOUTUBE subscribers from EBAY. I therefore cannot take anything in his REDICE INTERVIEW seriously, on any level and urge other Christians to do likewise. Both he and I corresponded on a CHRISTIAN CHATROOM on ICQ before it closed down a few months ago. He bragged the server was brought down because of his personal disruptive actions and activities - he was caught LYING on this issue. I am therefore calling you out Styxhexenhammer666 as a DISHONEST DECEIVER of the masses.

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