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16 Mar 2014

Neutralise Serpent Worship

"Why lies the mighty serpent here,
  Let him who knoweth tell;
With its head to the land, and its huge tail near
  The shore of the fair Loch Nell?

Why lies it here? Not here alone--
  But far to the East and West;
The wonder-working snake is known,
  A mighty god, confessed.

And here the mighty god was known
  In Europe's early morn;
In view of Cruachan's triple cone,
  Before John Bull was born.

And worship knew, on Celtic ground,
  With trumpets, drums, and bugles;
Before a trace in Lorn was found
  Of Campbells and MacDougalls.

And here the serpent lies in pride,
  His hoary tale to tell;
And rears his mighty head beside

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